Lara | Coach

About Lara:

Lara is training to become a Qualified Personal Trainer and Group fitness instructor here at #TeamTashTraining. Lara is passionate about movement.  She believes it is essential for both heart and soul.  Having played netball as a teenager and elite roller derby as an adult, Lara understands the web of complex emotions and psychology behind sport and exercise, and has a huge desire to empower women to harness this mind/body connection for self-improvement. Lara has a natural inclination to lead - she was a teacher for seven years, motivating teenagers in the secondary sector and has also been a Postie, biking 16kms a day, six days a week for five years. She is also a parent to two children; one adult and the other near-teenage.

A Note From Lara:

"I’ve always been a runner - or a jogger! - as well as participating in team sports.  I also believe that exercise literally saved my life; it got me through chemotherapy and other treatments after a breast cancer diagnosis. I was acutely aware of the connection between brain and body throughout that time, and ran every day. Some people thought I was mad; I felt it was mad not to. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to work with women in movement; it’s a passion of mine to help build self-esteem and belief. If we learn how to back ourselves, have fun, and truly believe in the power of our bodies - all types of bodies - we are unstoppable.’"

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