Charlotte | Coach

About Charlotte:

Charlotte is a Personal Trainer and Group fitness instructor here at #TeamTashTraining. Charlotte has worked in many professions in her time from fashion to education to professional theatre and all of them have lead her to her home here at #TeamTashTraining. Charlotte studied dance of many kinds in her youth, despite an enthusiastic career in social netball, never quite made the Silver Ferns. She has run for most of her adult life but has never called herself a runner. She worked out what she needs (in more than one area of her life!) is a timetable and a group of people who notice if she shows up or not. So when she started coming to Team Tash as a client, she knew these women were going to work for her. And now she’s thrilled to be working for them.

A Note From Charlotte:

“Just like RuPaul, I believe in serving realness. In a world filled with unrealistic, unhealthy, and inaccurate information about how women should be and how they should be leading their lives, I think there’s so much ground to be made by breaking down those fake old walls and helping women be their best, healthiest selves whatever that means for them. And doing it with other women who support that goal is so powerful. Let’s all be more Beyonce and Lizzo! And yes, they will feature in my playlists”

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