Lets get real

Tash Columbus

Let’s take a moment to get REAL. 

You only ever get out of an experience what you put in. 🙌🏽

And so when we are talking about heath, if you half arse your general daily efforts when it comes to ‘Health’ then you will have lack lustre results 🤷🏽‍♀️it’s that simple.

💚 If you want weight loss

💚 If you want a sustained/maintained weight

💚 If you want muscle 

💚 If you want an abundance of energy 

💚 If you want no symptoms of your poor health such as inflammation in joints, gut health issues, mental health issues, obesity, exhaustion, brain fog and more... 

👉🏻 Then you MUST make real health filled choices DAILY to get you there and keep you there! 

Health is Forever (or not) but what is certain is, it’s not just about the 10 week FITcamp or the weeks journey before the Christmas period where you just let everything blow out again! That is NOT health, that is stupidity. 

❌ It’s not about Dieting

❌ it’s not about ‘Challenges’

❌ Or restriction & starvation

❌ Punishment or ‘cheat’ meals (bad non- food related substances as an emotional reward) 

✅ it’s about exercising 

✅ It’s about learning

✅ it’s about Real Food in Real Quantities

✅ It’s about choosing YOU first!!!